MSNBC On Assignment with Richard Engel

President Trump Openness To Corruption Mars US Standing

Nov 17, 2017

Sarah Chayes, author of "Thieves of State," talks with Richard Engel about how Donald Trump's tolerance of corruption in other countries reflects back on the reputation of the United States, and why Donald Trump is in violation of the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

Sarah Chayes on Rachel Maddow

Expert sees risk of corruption in Trump deals
FRI, OCT 20, 2017

Sarah Chayes, author of "Thieves of State," talks with Rachel Maddow about the structure of corruption in some developing nations and why she sees a risk of that kind of corruption spreading to the United States under Donald Trump.


SEPTEMBER 08, 2017

Sarah Chayes, Steve Coll, and Olarenwaju Suraju discussed how corruption can become an inextricable part of an economy and how civil society and the U.S. government can work to prevent it. (Runtime - 22:21)


AUGUST 8, 2017

Oil Companies and Foreign Corruption Anti-corruption researchers and advocates talked about oil and gas production companies and their role in promoting government corruption around the world. The panelists detailed many recent cases of oil production-related corruption in Nigeria, Chad, and Equatorial Guinea. They also outlined the role the U.S. and other western nations play in failing to halt regimes that engage in information theft through kleptographic methods


Chayes and Teachout on Corruption

JUNE 08, 2017

Carnegie Senior Fellow Sarah Chayes argues that in corrupt countries, kleptocratic networks involve not only government officials, but private industries and established criminal networks. Sarah joins Tom Carver and Zephyr Teachout for a discussion on corruption and power. (Runtime - 29:23)


Sarah Chayes on Corruption

JANUARY 05, 2017
Carnegie Senior Fellow Sarah Chayes discusses her research on systemic corruption and its consequences for governance around the world, including within the United States. (Runtime - 23:16)

The Guardian Interview by Tim Lewis

Sarah Chayes: on living in Afghanistan and sleeping with a Kalashnikov

15 Mar 2015

The foreign policy expert and writer on Afghanistan life, western mistakes and sleeping with a KalashnikovThe central idea of Sarah Chayes’s radical new book, Thieves of State, is that corruption – be it bribes, vote-rigging, embezzlement, nepotism or any of its many forms – unsettles local populations and directly threatens global security. The US author saw this happen in Afghanistan – where she lived for almost a decade after 9/11 – and believes the same patterns operated during the Arab spring, in the rise of Boko Haram in Nigeria and, more recently, in Ukraine.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


"Thieves of State" author Sarah Chayes suggests that corruption is one of the greatest security challenges of the 21st century.

PBS Bill Moyers Journal

December 19, 2008

When Sarah Chayes left her job as an NPR reporter to help rebuild Afghanistan, she did so because she believed that Afghanistan had the potential to be a stable, lawful country. Seven years later, as the incoming Obama Administration looks to change course in Afghanistan and send in 20,000 more troops, Chayes joins Bill Moyers on THE JOURNAL to explain what she thinks U.S policy should be in the region.

This Week in Morgan County

Sarah Chayes Calls on West Virginians to Write In No More Manchins

October 11, 2018

Sarah Chayes speaks about the conundrum facing West Virginians who don't want to vote for a Democrat who supports Big Pharma and the fossil fuel industry

La corrupción, una epidemia en todo el mundo
Corruption, An Epidemic in the Whole World

August, 2018


English language conversation with an independent media talk show in El Salvador


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