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Do Trump’s Foreign Business Entanglements Threaten Our Democracy?

October 17, 2017

The Trump Organization’s continued business dealings with foreign governments, both at home and abroad, challenge the core principles of U.S. democracy.

Chayes, Coll, and Suraju on Corruption in the Oil Industry

SEPTEMBER 08, 2017

Sarah Chayes, Steve Coll, and Olarenwaju Suraju discussed how corruption can become an inextricable part of an economy and how civil society and the U.S. government can work to prevent it. (Runtime - 22:21)


Trump and the Path Toward Kleptocracy

MAY 22, 2017 

How transnational political-criminal networks, often run by families, govern in their own economic interests.

The Trump administration, its personnel and early practices, resembles nothing so much as a kleptocratic network of the type seen in many developing countries and post-Soviet states. 


MAY 22, 2017

Why Read a 5-Year-Old Book About ExxonMobil Now? Two Words: Rex Tillerson

JANUARY 27, 2017 

If you want a deeper understanding of what has been inaugurated in Washington, read Steve Coll's "Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power." Rarely has a book been so profoundly and presciently relevant to events that would take place five years after its publication.


It Was a Corruption Election. It’s Time We Realized It.

DECEMBER 06, 2016 

In a country full of sophisticated lawyers and lobbyists and rationalizers, it is now urgent to ask whether Americans still understand what corruption is. To say it’s what is proscribed by law is to fall into a logical sinkhole.